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Bamenda III Sub Divisional Council


Bamenda III Council enhances developement through the promotion of Inter- Communal Projects

Admin Bamenda III Council, Tue 4th, Sep 2018, 12:34

The council intervenes in promoting inter-communal projects, quality project and small scale projects such as re-habitation of roads, linking bridges and many more. With evidence of community involvement and participation, the council provides a potion (40%) of funding for such small scale projects within the municipality. All it entails is an application to the lord mayor stating the problems and purposed solutions to your problems as well as ensuring community participation.


In an attempt to enhance development for all , the technical department of the council receives and ensures to resolve complaints from individuals within the municipality related to town planning inter-personal conflicts. The council engages in resolving neighboring construction setbacks which hinders individuals quite enjoyment and peace.